Upon reflecting on the teaching theme from yesterday’s post, I thought
it would be amiss not to mention a core component of teaching, and
that is passion.
All of the teachers I mentioned had great passion.
My Interior Design/Architecture teacher in high school had amazing
passion for his trade. It showed, it inspired, it engaged. It was
one of the rare classes that students looked forward to.
For any education to be successful passion has to be present on both
sides of the equation, students and teachers.
If students are not passionate then their engagement is diminished.
Keeping a student engaged is partially the responsibility of the
teacher, but if there is resistance (call it attitude) than the
student is the one shutting down and giving up on both parties.
I digress, that is not the focus of this posting.
Nor is the opposite; Those that are only teaching for a salary, or as
a stepping stone to move into administration. These people lack the
passion to be effective.
Teaching IS living , not A living
The commonality here is that in both cases neither has come to the
conclusion that you get out what you put into life. If you aren’t
passionate in your pursuits, what is the point.
It’s a shame that there wasn’t a test that could be administered, I
envision some Ghostbuster-esque meter-reading device that is brought
out and waved in front of prospective teachers. It would spit out some
bleeps and pings and determine if there was the requisite amount of
passion in the candidate for the purposes of educating others.
Oh wait, we already have that.
One only needs to spend 5 minutes with someone, engage someone and you
can gauge their passion quite easily.
Passion is not subtle, it is hard to conceal.
People show their passion.
Recently Charlotte had the fortune of attending an amazing daycare and
being taught by a very bright, young and talented teacher, she simply
exuded passion. Passion for kids, passion for teaching, passion for
Charlotte loved her time at this school, mostly due to this teacher.
I was delighted to hear this teacher say “Charlotte has the power to
light up a room, not all kids can do that you know.”
Neither can all teachers, unless they have passion.
Like moths to a flame we are all drawn to truly passionate people.
Anyone interesting in reliving the Sesame St. Pinball Number Count
Animation, and delving into it further can check out this site:

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