Rogers “your Canadian source for evil”


I have yet to have a single positive experience with Rogers. I
seriously doubt I actually will.
Rogers has to be the least ethical communications conglomerate going
and I am ashamed to say that I’ve worked for them a long time ago and
that I’ve been a customer (Rogers prefers the term “user”) on and off
for over 10 years for a range of their services (cellphone, home
phone, internet and cable).
I remember several years back Rogers cut internet service from who
they considered higher usage users, they deemed this to be abuse.
They didn’t have a cap in place, there was no where in the agreement
that outlined what was considered to be “high usage” they simply said
they retained the right to change the rules whenever they saw fit and
they breached the contract.
The rationale was to limit the users that were a higher cost to them,
and get them to jump ship to a competitor. This would ease the burden
on their infrastructure and thus more profit.
Small vindication came from a CRTC ruling that forced Rogers to change
their marketing.
If they were going to do this they couldn’t falsely advertise their service.
What they once marketed as “High-Speed” internet service became
“Hi-Speed”. The latter means nothing. It’s the same reason
CheezeWhiz is spelt with a Z, it has no cheese in it.
Kraft should consider partnering as there’s plenty of cheese at Rogers
to go around.
In short, I have reduced my experiences with Rogers to a very simple equation:
Rogers = an increase in grief and a decrease in $
For anyone who isn’t good at math I will reduce it even further:
Rogers = anal rape
Like so many other companies these days Rogers is so smug in their
perceived god (read CRTC) given
right to separate the public from their hard earned money in return
for a shamefully inferior product and absence of customer service.
Their motto should read “Take it or leave it”, and their jingle should
simply be the smug laugh from The Simpson’s Nelson Munce “ha ha”.
For those that whine that we should protect all that is Canadian and
block competition into our Communications space, wake up. What we have
is a monopoly. We should be welcoming all competition with open arms.
 I’d rather pay an American outfit for a service I want instead of
being controlled by this hideous beast, simply because it is Canadian.
Sometimes we as Canadian’s are blinded by our pride.
It’s okay to recognize when we have made mistakes, and that some of
our institutions and businesses are nothing more than con artists. We
should not be enabling them to such an extent that they can become an
evil empire.
It can be even more difficult to distance ourselves if the company
uses the Red & White coloring for their branding.
Where am I going with this?
Recently they bought up our local outfit Aurora Cable Internet (ACI)
They hired managers and set up migration experts and teams, more
interested in up-selling their services than servicing an already
satisfied user base.
Rogers and ACI coexisted for a long time. ACI offered superior
services and Rogers couldn’t compete because they were unwilling to
change their business to serve their clientele. Instead they bought
out the competition.
There were several clients that made a conscious choice, we wanted
ACI, not Rogers.
This was one of the reasons I moved to Aurora. ACI offered
unparalleled service, they were the testbed for fibre optic in
That option was removed with this buy-out. It is akin to someone
taking a position of office without being voted in, but I guess in
we’re getting used to that.
Promises of a seamless transition quickly vanished.
The conversion went horribly awry. People ended up having trouble on
all fronts, connectivity, downtime, having to physically go and
exchange equipment. All followed by poor customer service and to top
it off several people ended up being improperly over billed.
The only one that didn’t see the outcome was Rogers.
To add insult to injury I received a barrage of phone calls inquiring
as to how the transition went.
They parted this out to another company who employs people in call
centers in India.
I was very courteous when I spoke to the first gentleman that called,
but it became apparent quickly that he didn’t know who he was phoning.
 He asked me for some account numbers, then he couldn’t verify them,
he said I wasn’t on file, he phoned me. He said he was confused, no
doubt, so I suggested he straighten things out and call me back. This
was all to ask me how I liked their service.
It was inadequate at best, but this call didn’t help.
Then they phone, and phoned and phoned
What gives? Do you need me to spell it out for you, I’m not happy.
Early in the process before we were migrated we were bombarded with
representatives explaining the awesomeness that is Rogers, then the
sale shtick.
“What you don’t have cable, why?” I got the look like I had two heads.
I know I am not alone in my response “Because you guys can’t put
anything on TV worth watching”
I was shocked by the stupidity and smugness of the response “How do
you know if you don’t have it?”.
Easy, I have access to superior outlets for narrow catching and broad
catching my programming. Ever heard of the internet?, you sell it.
There is an increasing trend in people dropping their Cable TV service.
The reason the “cable TV” service is failing is because it is woefully
out dated. I, the consumer, want to pick what I want to watch and
when, and will not be happy reviving a small selection of programming
determined by a bunch of monkeys and have to watch it on their terms.
They are late to the game in trying to structure and capitalize on
selling packages of content.
Guess what it already exists.
Over the Air HDTV is free, video and audio content is given away on
the internet.
 Information wants to be free, and I’m not paying you for it ever again.
Next to go will be outrageous cellphone plans.
It has been in the media recently that Canada has outrageous rates for
cellphones in comparison with the rest of the world. The tide will
turn on this as well.
Oh and another thing I refuse to call it the “Rogers” center, it is the Skydome.
Thanks for buying it, and our baseball club, and subsequently yanking
money from the payroll. The only chance we will have at seeing a run
at another world series is when you are finished with it discard it as
garbage for someone to rebuild.
It is what we have come to expect of your customer service.


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