Letter to The Auroran : responding to spin

One of our local councilors has his head so far up our mayor's ass I soon expect to see her sporting his mustache.


Eager to drum up some press (election is only 1 year away) he had the mayor write a letter (he doesn't have the aptitude) that he gleefully signed his name to (no doubt in crayon) and had it printed in our local paper.

Excluding our Federal government I hadn't seen as much political spin since 1939 Germany, or as much ass kissing since watching our last council meeting.  It is shameful at best and along with other actions from this same councilor really pissed me off.

I took 10 minutes and wrote a response which was published in the same paper, I have included it here.

No surprise that my letter was one of 5 responses to the same letter.
This goes to show that Aurora is anything but ignorant, nor is it passive.

If this councilor, mayor, or any of their supporters believe they have a chance at re-election they are going to have to try harder than this.

I've seen the doors at town hall, they're big and made of steel.  
They will certainly hurt when they hit you on the ass on your way out.

Download this file

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