Letter to The Auroran : responding to more spin

The spin in our town just got an uglier face.

A resident of Snowball (King Township) has been causing a stir, and your first question most likely is why?

She desperately wants everyone to know she is an involved volunteer…in Aurora, again not her town.  She writes letters to our papers under the guise that she is a do gooder, sure what is not to believe?

Well at the end of the day she runs a company with her husband doing musical event promotion which is now providing all of the music to town events….interesting? yes, disgusting? most definitely.

Then when one of our councilors asks to see records of spending for a committee she is involved in they are not produced (read cooked) and she goes on a tirade in our town council verbally attacking the councilor for “sullying her good name”.

We still don’t have the answers as to how the money was spent, and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  Her company is plastered all over town.  Why is Aurora promoting her private company and are our tax dollars paying to do it?

Conflict of interest, pay-off, money grubbing……..call it what you will it is sick, and she definitely doesn’t make any efforts to disguise it.  She parades through our town like a court jester reminding me of the mentally ill lady in Toronto that handed out stickers, remember her?

See pics :

Sadly they are not photoshoped, not even I posess a sick enough mind to create such a ghastly image for someone, not even as punishment.

What struck a nerve was a letter she wrote slandering the citizens of Aurora, myself included…….speaking about the town as if she was a citizen, again she is not.  Hence my letter, see the attached .pdf of it printed on page 4 of our local paper The Auroran.

I want to thank Ron & The Auroran who had the balls to run it, I submitted the same response to the Era Banner and although I’m not surprised that they chose not to run it I am insulted as to how transparently bias that paper is.

I have a feeling that this won’t be the last letter I write to my local papers before our municipal elections next year, and what keeps me up at nights is the fear that this this blow hard air-bag may move to my town and run for council.

Download this file

2 thoughts on “Letter to The Auroran : responding to more spin

  1. A friend passed along your blog address. I love the setup. I’ll have to investigate posterous some more. Nice to meet you πŸ™‚

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