Letter to The Auroran : responding to a control freak


Borrowing one of my partner’s favorite phrases, I think it is safe to say at this point that the mayor of Aurora is being hoisted by her own petard.

I find it quite humorous to watch people paint themselves into a corner, which is effectively what our mayor has done over this last summer.  At first you are curious, then you feel a little sorry and then you just break down in laughter at how pathetic some people can be.

It’s hard not to laugh when you think of someone standing on a tree branch while cutting it off only to realize too late that they have just caused their own demise, looney tune style.  This actually happened to my Grade 7 music teacher, maybe I’ll write about that some time.  What is happening with our mayor is not this literal, although I wouldn’t put it past her, she tends not to think things through.

The company that our Mayor has chosen to keep speaks volumes to her predicament.
My previous letters regarding the mess our town finds itself in targeted both a bumbling councilor and dancing fool, they call themselves together the “Dream Team”, and maybe to the mayor they are her “Wet Dream Team”  however I prefer to call the nightmare they represent Aurora’s “Ministry Of Spin”.

The spin was in full force at our last council meeting.  The G0S had pre-written statements.  The mayor, coached, played to the TV cameras as though she was making an Oscar acceptance speech.  Deplorable.

You can view the video of the council meeting courtesy of RobbersTV here:

What struck a nerve for me was how blatantly she excused the concept of freedom of speech.
She simply excused the public opinion that does not agree with hers.  Letters, pshaw.  Blogs, pshaw.

She basically presided as though she was in some fantasy land wearing her crown and had a scepter that could swat out any criticisms or opposing viewpoints that stood in her way.  You could almost imagine her reaching out through the internet trying to grab people’s cursors away…..how dare you write about me!

I was deeply insulted at her conduct and addressed this in my most recent letter was printed on page 7 of The Auroran, see the attached .pdf.

What this mayor doesn’t know is that the public opinion that does not agree with her isn’t a minority, and it will no longer remain silent.  Or maybe she is starting to realize this because at one point during the meeting she did start to ramble about the effort it was taking to contain and dispel rumors, apparently it has consumed her summer.

Here’s an idea “your worship” maybe you should talk to the public before you start to dismiss them.  Unlike your ‘dream team” Aurorans are not all mindless sycophantic drones for you to control.

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