Post to the Aurora Citizen : keep politics out of our Farmer’s Market


I'm a regular contributor on another blog, the "Aurora Citizen" and thought that one of my more recent posts regarding our local Farmer's market should be included here.  It addresses politics encroaching on our amazing Farmer's Market.

You can read my post, along with other comments on the "Aurora Citizen" here:

My family looks forward to the market every week. My 2 yr old knows the days of the week as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Farmers Market day. Even her one little piggy goes to "farmer's market".

What attracts us to the market? you can be sure it is not the plastic smiles from Granger or the Mayor should they be happening to be milling about, nor witnessing Sher dancing in the middle of an already crowded street.

Nope, we go because the vendors are special to us.
Every week we start our market day off with a sandwich from Kevin Finch's stand….mmmmmm.

Then we mosey along stopping to pick up bacon from Howard Farms, produce from Finch Haven, Coopers & Brooks farms.
Our daughter makes sure to stop and get a beautiful cookie from Nicolle's Cookies & Cakes, and some cookies or brownies from "The Sugar District" provide her sugar fix.
A pretzel and croissant from Toscanna's are also a treat.
Stopping by the "A Step in Time" booth always offers a new picture or story about our town's rich history, something that our cultural center could learn a lot from.

No market day is complete without being fueled by coffee from Trisha @ GreenRiverCoffee.
And we stock up on everything beef from Snowden Farms where our daughter recently had a meat pie named after her, try the beef and Chardonay, they are to die for.

Once we have loaded up the stroller we are off to play in the park, mingle with the other market goers and relax in the history of Town Park.

There is little confusion in my mind as to who is responsible for the success of the market.

The fact that Sher left out mention of the vendors and market goers when speaking of the success of the market is truly disturbing and should discount her entire letter to be nothing more than a politically motivated piece of trash.

Notice also how she also left out Granger's bullying of a little girl trying to sell ice cream at the market.

Sher speaks volumes, by that I mean she has mastered volume, just not substance.
Her writing style is flawed at best, and wholly political.

One has to wonder if she developed it by reading the Saturday comics.

Calvin, of the Calvin & Hobbes strip once professed:

"The purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, obscure pure reasoning, and inhibit clarity. With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog"

No doubt what we will continue to see from the so called "Dream Team".

There is no doubt that market was successful previous to the so called "dream team" and will live on long after they are gone. It is an event by its nature, one that does not need special coordination.

Be sure to stop by and check out our market.

Don't let a couple bad apples scare you away, there is much fun to be had when you leave the politics behind.

Here is a link to the location and times:

See you there.


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