Post to the Aurora Citizen : Mayor and McCain seperated at birth


I thought I would include here another one of my submissions to the "Aurora Citizen" blog.

This topic opens up great discussion surrounding use of one-way or two-way communication in social media.

There was a recent article in Wired (Feb 2009) which can be found here:

It analyzes President Obama's strategies in embracing both one and two-way communication in his administration.

I thought it was relevant as Both Obama and mayor Morris promised in their campaigns to expand government transparency.

Obama delivered on his promise of change, he brought blogs, wikis and social networking tools into the executive branch, and uses them to their full potential.
Our Mayor has not, in fact Morris looks to be the Aurora equivalent of John McCain.

Mayor Morris has not only failed to embrace social media, she simply turns her back on all of it hoping it would all go away.  When it doesn't she calls her lawyers.  This is a detriment to our town and does nothing to expand openness or accountability.

The fact that Evelyn Buck's blog got enough attention by the Mayor to submit a code of conduct complaint one wonders why the town hasn't decided to embrace their own.

There are several active blogs in our town, soon to be more I'm sure, and we as citizens need to embrace them.

I'm sure the Mayor and the town would like us to believe that new section on the town's website displaying letters from residents ( ) serves this purpose.  But alas it does not.
It is a closed – one-way communication system and further proves how clueless the Mayor is on this issue.

And Mayor if you are reading this for love of god please don't do something rash like hook up a twitter account, we already know where you are at any given time of the day due to the number of events hosted around town in your honor.  By my watch it must be right around time for "The Mayor's blank stare".

You can read my post and the whole discussion here:


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