new species of fish found in Aurora : MacEchronous Evilinaous


I wanted to thank councilor MacEchron, for it is to her that credit should be given on the discovery of a new species of fish found here in Aurora.

For anyone who caught last week's council meeting it would have been hard to miss councilor MacEchron's "off color" remark directed to councilor Buck.  She accused councilor Buck of producing a red herring.

That is very rich, given that MacEchron seems to have some personal vendetta for councilor Buck, and has played a smoke and mirrors game all term trying to distract the town and discredit councilor Buck as opposed to getting down to town business.

The only red herring we seem to have before us at council, and it is large and smelly, is the code of conduct complaint from the GOS toward councilor Buck.

No doubt fully devised and schemed by a venomous MacEchron, we should give credit where credit is due.  While we wait for scientists and ethicists to name this rare red herring I suggest we refer to it as "MacEchronous Evilinaous"

Oh and yes I admit to photo-shopping this picture, in reality herrings are not so fishy smelling.

Perhaps the mayor can provide the public with some clothes-pegs from her precious "right to dry" campaign so we can hold our noses for the next council meeting if the "MacEchronous Evilinaous" is to remain.


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