Apple takes a bite out of Woolworths new logo


Apple is to sue Woolworth over trademark infringement of their new logo design.

Woolwoths new logo is flat, boring, lacks flair and any ties to their corporate identity.
Furthermore I challenge anyone to say that a "w" stands out in the design.  Maybe if you're drunk.
Hans Hulsbosch should hang his head in shame if this is his best effort at branding such a prominent business.
Although it fails on so many levels I don't see why Apple would want to pursue trademark infringement on it.

Hey Apple, do you see a bite-mark? no, does it look like an apple or more like a tomato?  thought so.

If Woolwoths is stupid enough to proceed with such a pathetic design to adorn their stores, produce, signs, trucks and whatnot, let them.

No one is going to mistake them for Apple.

The article goes on to list a couple more silly pursuits from Apple but also indicates that less than 5% of such actions make it to court.  Lets hope that is what happens here.


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