Far from the “Ultimate Driving Experience”


Being on the road the last couple weeks, driving to and from appointments, driving home from the farm after thanksgiving, heck just driving to pick up the mail has over exposed me to idiots and their cars.

People racing on the wrong side of the road down highway 50 on blind hills with oncoming traffic.  This morning some BMW raced at over 120km/h on the wrong side of Bloomington to get past a line of cars that I was in so he could race to a red light.

The combination of $, ignorance & the accelerator pedal culminate only one thing : self absorbed reckless abandon.

My partner came up with a new definition for B.M.W. : Big Massive Wanker. 
It is a total fit.  I have yet to meet a BMW driver that isn't.

Coupled with the fact that BMW drivers can't drive makes them the biggest wankers of all.  The kind of wankers that require drive through Starbucks.  Enjoy your needlessly expensive status symbol, because at the rate your driving it will also serve as your coffin.

Truly the car of choice for the idiots amongst us.

Congratulations you wasted big $ on an inferior piece of engineering because of giving into your inferiority complex. Look at me, look at me! 

You all deserve a salute, of the one fingered variety.


Watts on your mind?

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