Hey Aurora : Your tax dollars at work


On the same day I receive copies of two local papers.

In the first there is a disclosure of external legal fees from the town from Jan 1 2007-July 31st 2009.  The amount is a staggering $753,860.30.  keep in mind this is for a town of 50,000 residents.

The expected WTF? rolls from my lips.

In the 2nd paper there is an article discussing a "modest" tax increase planned for next year.  Notice the quotes?  Nothing this council has done so far has been modest.

I suppose this is nothing more than another of the Mayor's "coincidences"

How convenient. 

If this council even hums about the possibility of spending $400,000 to save a rotten old crap filled outhouse that isn't ours they better pay for it out of their own pockets. 

Which is exactly where they should be looking to pay their legal bills from here on out because my pockets are empty.

Oh and council, thanks for pissing our had earned money away, because with it went your chances of being re-elected.


Watts on your mind?

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