The thrill is gone, at least for Aurorans


Considering there was a large write up in the Thursday 15th Era Banner regarding a "Thriller" dance, coupled with a picture of those that can't stay out of the spotlight, I was intrigued and just had to know more.

A little bit of digging produced a video of Stephen Granger's dance practices which was leaked on the Internet earlier this week, apparently he goes by the name "Girly Man", check it out:

Wow! my hats off to him, that's some serious dancing for someone of his stature, and then there's the lyrics.  Can't wait to see it in person Stephen, you rock!

After seeing this I took the time to investigate what all the fuss is about regarding  "Thrill The World 2009, and how it relates to us here in Aurora.

Guess what, it doesn't.

Touted as "The worlds largest simultaneous dance of thriller", this year’s Thrill The World will be taking place on: Sunday, October 25th 2009, 12:30 am UTC/GMT (midnight of what we consider to be Saturday but is technically Sunday) which will be Saturday, October 24th for some parts of the world.

Fair enough.  Yet for some reason, not properly stated, the event being coordinated for the farmers market is for the 31st.

What? Why?

Did our "special events coordinator" fail to notice the term "SIMULTANEOUS ?.

The fact that the event at the farmers market happens on the 31st and not the 24th means it does not qualify to be associated with this event.

Toronto is participating in the record breaking attempt at 8:30PM on Oct 24th. 
They got it right, why couldn't we?

In fact the 24th falls on a Farmers market day, so it is puzzling why the event which could have been coordinated on the 24th was scheduled for the 31st.

You don't "opt" to participate in a simultaneous event on a completely different day then everyone else. If so then it is obviously considered a separate event and should not be marketed as associated with the real event.

For someone who has trouble coordinating their own wardrobe one has to wonder what qualifications she has to be the special events coordinator for an already successful market.

More importantly what further bungles should we be anticipating provided she is re-elected to the same position for next year.

Oh there we go, the thrill is back.


Watts on your mind?

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