Apples or Oranges? who cares when they’re both rotten


Al Wilson, Aurora council's resident used car salesman, wanted to wear a different hat at this week's council meeting.  Introducing the new and improved Al Wilson : Aurora grocer.

Comparing previous figures to those printed in the local paper Wilson made the parallel to comparing apples and oranges.

I agree.  The figures are different. Thank you Mr. Wilson for stating the obvious, after all that is your forte.

"There is no spin here," Mr. Wilson said. "You can try all you like to spin things, but the facts are the facts."

You are correct again sir.  The facts are the facts.  Council has spent an outrageous amount on external legal fees.  Those are the facts.

The debate at council wasn't over the facts, it was in regards to why figures (that were confirmed correct at council) were not provided to the council or the public.

Figures that were asked for by council and the public were not provided, the mayor confirmed this.  However figures were released under a Freedom of Information request.

It says a lot when a member of the public that files a freedom of information request can get figures but council and the public cannot.
There is a complete lack of transparency, and councilor Buck called them on it, rightly so.

The mayor provides the spin so easily "These numbers have been taken out of context."  and so she decides to provide the context herself.   Her spin: In comparison with other years the fees are not so high.

You can read all the mayor's spin in the Era Banner here:

I guess this excuses everything, no more need for debate on the subject.

Other costs included on the list relate to the price of protecting staff's reputations, Mrs. Morris added. "That might explain some of the extra costs." she said.

And whose reputations need to be protected at such a high cost?  The ones with the poorest of reputations of course:  Morris, MacHechron, Gartner, Granger, Gallo and Wilson.

This is exactly what all the public outcry is over, using our tax dollars for you to be "wholy political" attempting to save face, while slandering others.

Wilson went on to say "everything is accounted for and completely transparent".  In regards to Wilson this is true, he is completely transparent.  Anyone who made the mistake of voting for him got what they voted for: a loony, borderline senile, bumbling fool.

Perhaps Mr. Wilson fails to see the spin as he's so caught up in it.

He should watch which apples or oranges he's eating as something is rotting his brain.

3 thoughts on “Apples or Oranges? who cares when they’re both rotten

  1. I think one of the funniest parts of the meeting was when the Mayor insinuated that perhaps Councilor Buck was asking the question on behalf of the Aurora Coalition

    Of course watching Al do his impression of a bobble head is always fun too.

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