Self righteous ignorance – made in China, sold in Aurora


Made in China, but surprisingly this time not sold at the local Walmart.
Nope surprise surprise another stupid notion being considered by Aurora council.

Changing town policy to accommodate superstition.

Another WTF?

Yup council wants to amend policy to allow homeowners who are superstitious to change their house number.

With all the recent stupidity surrounding council this one almost got missed.

Luckily my partner brought it to my attention after being noticed in both The Auroran (the local paper that our Mayor states she doesn't read) (pg 3) , and that other paper which I forget the name of it again:

So what is the rationale?

An "amended policy would be more sensitive to changing demographics".

What this says to me is the town is interested in, once again, working in the interest of special interest groups and not the town as a whole.  Lets go out of our way not offend anyone now.  What another example of political correctness on display.

If anyone is stupid enough to let a number offend them, or impact on their decision making when purchasing a house, or any other part of their life then so be it.  I fail to see why the town needs to recognize this level of ignorance at all.

The fact that Newmarket, Markham and Vaughan are stupid enough to amend their policy is no reason that Aurora should follow suit.  Although given that council lacks the ability to form an original stance on anything we shouldn't be surprised if they proceed this way.

I suppose council will next be recommending that all black cats be shot so none accidentally cross our paths, or that ladders be sold with permanent sides so that no one walks underneath them.  Perhaps glass mirrors in town should be replaced with plastic to prevent breakage.

Where does the lunacy end?

Luckily clearer heads than our councils will prevail on this matter.

"Such alterations would also be subject to approval by police, EMS, fire services and Bell Canada. Should they have no objections to making a change, the town would alter its records and communicate the change with other government agencies, Canada Post, utility companies and other parties."

Other parties include several networks, think of the countless databases that have to be re-indexed. 
No one in their right mind will approve this.

One comment was this "may only lead to confusion" , replace "may' with definitely.

Hmmm after thinking about this for a bit it might work in our favor in some respects though, maybe council would get off their bloated butts and fix the cracks in our sidewalks if they are so superstitious.

Has anyone noticed if the mayor casts a reflection? 
If not then maybe I'll start being superstitious myself.


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