Can’t buy me food!


After the market this week I'm very confused what the big brown box @ the St. Kitts Music booth is for.

Still supporting a York region logo, although the Thanksgiving food drive ended on October 16th, it is now supposed to support the local Aurora Food Pantry.  Regardless, at the end of the day it looked empty. 

Everyone should be asking why?

Sher was dancing around in the morning asking for donations, but instead of food she wanted cash.

"Show me the money!"

Okay, so what is the box for? Money or food?

Here are 3 myths propagated by St. Kitts at this weeks' market, all of which are easily dispelled:

1.  "The Aurora Food Pantry needs money MORE than food."

That last time I checked it was called the "Aurora Food Pantry" not the "Aurora ATM".

People line up, an increase of 35% over last year!, for food, not money.  They are thankful to get food, and get it quickly.

Which is exactly what has happened and continues to happen EVERY week at the "Step in Time" booth, not when it is convenient for a photo-op.

Food was again spilling out into the street.  Fresh produce and a large box of meat pies.
A generous contribution form the vendors and citizens that made it to the pantry the same day!

I doubt that money would have had the same effect.

2.  "Money is better because it reduces the amount of legwork."

For someone who prides herself as a volunteer one has to wonder why she would have a problem with rolling up her sleeves and doing a little work.  Even Stephen Granger commented to someone wanting to drop off food at the box that it was just a sign, and they should drop the food across the way at the "Step in Time" booth.  There was no intention of delivering any foodstuffs to the pantry.

Pretty sad considering it shouts out "fill the box".  What are they expecting? citizens to arrive with wheelbarrow loads of money to fill their box?

In fact during my time manning the booth there was little legwork involved.

The Food Pantry was so appreciative of the continued effort by the "Step in Time" booth that they sent two people over during the day to collect the food.

I helped load up the food and it got taken there immediately at two times during the day ensuring that people that were lined up at the pantry would get it immediately.

I think Sher even threw in some nonsense on reducing carbon footprint.

Great buzzwords but absolute horse shit.  A bundle buggy was used to take the light items and a truck that was on route to town took the rest. 

Rest assured no extra carbon was burned by delivering the produce.
One wonders how much carbon was expended to produce the empty cardboard box, or to power her BMW as it iddles in the Tim Horton's drive through on her way to the market.

3.  "Money from citizens could buy more produce than citizens could from the market."

Okay this one really irked me, and at least another 3-4 vendors that were in earshot.

How is this claim possible?

A gentleman approached the "step in time" booth late in the day and wanted to donate, he pulled out money and was immediately escorted over to a couple of the local vendors so he could purchase food.  The money went to the vendor, the food went to the pantry, and a smile went to everyone involved.

If fact, when citizens approach vendors and explain that the intent is to purchase for the purpose of donating to the pantry every vendor is happy to discount their products.  It's a win win situation.

It really couldn't be simpler, you buy the products, you deliver them to the booth for donation.
You feel involved, you participate and you see the fruits of your labor, literally.

Donating money comes with a detachment, and a much bigger question : where does the money go?

Sher made it clear, by donating money it could be used to buy cheaper produce at, get this, SOBEYS!

You're at a Farmers market!  Why would you chose to turn your back on your own vendors and run over to a big box store, risk purchasing products that may not even support the local economy?

What kind of "special events coordinator" for the market attempts to take money OUT of their own market?  and what exactly are they looking to buy?

Sure money can buy a lot of things, and yes even food, but it can also be used to buy publicity and votes and it was no surprise that Sher was running around showing everyone that she got her picture in the paper.

A lot of good that will do the people lined up at the Pantry.

Do gooder my ass.

Money often goes to administrative fees, not those who need it.  If you're going to claim that this is not the case then you need to show proof of accounting.  There was none.

Given the fact that St. Kitts has failed to come clean with the public or council on financial statements from last year's Canada day's parade I think everyone should be cautious in handing any monies over to her, or anything she is involved in.


2 thoughts on “Can’t buy me food!

  1. Unless Sobeys was going to donate twice the food, or something? There is cheaper produce at the store – if that was the goal. Mind you with deals, points, and other rewards out there, many people know how to do better than the listed retail prices. Back when Dominion still had their Fresh or Free policy, my Mom and I could get $75-$100 worth of foodbank donations per week, for nothing.

  2. Heather, you are correct that cheaper deals can sometimes be found at the store.

    I guess the point I was trying to make is that this is being done at the “farmers” market. Everyone has the opportunity to make donations of $ to the food pantry at several other venues. But when you’re at the market there are tons of foodstuffs that can be donated to the pantry.

    Taking the money OUT of the market is so backwards. It removes the win-win of working with the vendors.

    This is nothing new this year though as we have noticed both Sobeys and Longos at market events when vendors could have been called on for the same items and sponsorship.

    it is insulting that Granger and Sher operate in this manner, and I’m not alone in wondering when the market executive will end its term and what next year will hold.

    Aurora deserves better from its market.

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