silence speaks louder than words


Silence is not something one has come to expect when visiting our farmer's market this past year.  But this week there was no "DJ" or Karaoke coming from the bandstand, there was no megaphone blasting through the street, and interestingly enough there was no Sher St. Kitts to be seen or herd from. 

Instead there was silence.  Not eerily silence, but a welcome silence, like the return of an old friend.

The word on the street was a kinder one, greetings and pleasantries not interrupted by shrieking and theatrics.  One could enjoy the crisp fall day and converse with the vendors and market goers.  It was truly a "special event".

As Sher's booth was not set up there was no refuge for the riffraff that usually lurk there.  Instead the Mayor, her husband, and the Lone Granger looked like lost sheep, they had to assemble in the street.  Of course they had to choose the middle of the street and block those market goers that just wanted to walk the market.

One has to pause and wonder though, what did we do to deserve this?  and where did our beloved Town Crier disappear to? 

After the most insulting comments coming from her last week one wonders if the group of 6 finally recognized that Sher is not a constructive mouthpiece as they had once dreamed, and thus wrestled a leash on her.

I find it interesting that the mayor has recently referred to her at a council meeting as "the lady in the back".  Given the outpouring of objection to her by what she called her "fans" one can only assume that Sher is being sent to the back, by popular demand, and maybe now by her masters.

No, I'm not naive to think that this is the last we have heard from Sonwball's melodramatic extremist, not by a long shot, but it did give us an opportunity to enjoy what makes the market truly special: community.

Lo and behold, smoke billowed from Kevin Finch's smokehouse, excellent cuts of meat and eggs were sold at Howard Farms.  Pretzels, smoked meats, coffee, bagels, croissants and sugar cookies were enjoyed by many.  Add to that honey and home made crafts.  Natural Beef, Cooper's veggies and specialty teas.  A great time was had by all.

And what happened to the all important empty box for donations to the food pantry?  In fact, like every week that has come before it, market products still made it to the foodbank regardless of there being no empty cardboard box.   "A Step in Time" has stopped counting its donations as they have surpassed their target a couple months back.  Numbers, like $ are not important to those that line up at the pantry, food is and this is what they received.

Sher, in the unfortunate outcome that you choose to seek and are elected to the "special events coordinator" position for next year's market here's a little advise:

For customer appreciation day, opposed to an article in the paper about Aurora's "Renaissance" or a store bought cake to be shared in the presence of our mayor, we the citizens would very much appreciate the same silence we enjoyed this past week.  We'll all pitch in for some duct tape.

One thought on “silence speaks louder than words

  1. I’m pretty sure I saw her showing others how to do the Thriller dance at the bandstand…..but didn’t care enough to bother watching. The peace was nice 🙂

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