Mississauga and Aurora : comparing dysfunction


….is like comparing Apples and Oranges, to borrow a phrase from Aurora council's resident gardener and all around melon-head Al Wilson.

It is interesting that both Aurora and Mississauga council's minutes are under scrutiny.
Integrity is being questioned all around, as it should, but this may be as far as the comparison can go.

They key difference between Mississauga and Aurora that I see is leadership.

Hazel has been around for a long time, she knows better and she may very well have made an honest mistake.  She will be held accountable, but this hardly mars her 8-term record she will remain a beloved figurehead and true leader of Mississauga, Ontario and Canada.

Phyliss is no Hazel, she is not beloved, nor has she an ounce of Hazel’s charisma.
She can't buy it, she can't overshadow it and despite all attempts she can't bully it out of Aurora.

Phyliss has no credentials and no experience, and that the end of the term ignorance is no excuse.
Don Cousins, ex mayor of Markham, was recently on a panel discussing dysfunction in York Region and he had this to say:

“I think so many of them (mayors) are starting off from scratch never having run anything! let alone a council. They make mistakes, some of them are huge and shouldn’t be allowed and the law is going to get them. Others make for a bad working relationship with their councils and their staff and their community”

I tend to agree with Don that those politicians in Phyliss’ shoes that make the mistakes will be met with the law, maybe not as soon as Hazel, but it’s coming.

Our mayor can say what she likes but the minutes from one session and the video record of them do not add up.

Aurora's council is so dysfunctional thanks in a large part to our Mayor that we are dying to be graced with a smidgen of the Hazel factor.

Phyliss, you can stop spinning now, there's only one Hurricane.


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