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Our family enjoyed a truly special event in attending A Step In Time's 2009 Aurora Spirit Walk on Friday.

In a town where the focus of our dysfunctional council is on their egos Aurora's community spirit is too often neglected.  

It was refreshing to see that some local businesses and enthusiasts get it, and share it.

The night air was calm with the moon creeping through the clouds. It set the perfect tone as we embarked on walk.
Talking just over an hour David Heard led us through many sites in the downtown core, never missing a beat.

Mr. Heard seemed in his element.  I counted over 60 people in our group, covering all ages.
As his passion increased with every story, so did our appreciation of the rich heritage that was being released, as though trapped or stuck just screaming to be heard.

The range of stories was impressive and concluding the walk at the pioneer cemetery left us wanting more.

There were gasps,

There were questions,

There were laughs,

There was community,

There was spirit.

Way to go Dave!  We'll be back next year for sure.

One thought on “community – spirit – walk

  1. I also attended this walk on Thursday evening. It is absolutely incredible the things that you see when walking.

    I completely enjoyed David’s stories and they were that much more enjoyed by my niece, Robyn, who kept saying “that is pretty spooky”. Who knew the kind of weird stuff that was happening in the Town of Aurora when we journeyed home on a Saturday evening. The ghosts that lurked in the background watching us as we came home from rollerskating at the community centre. Or the old Aurora Horse Show or the town park when events were happening, and they were happening!

    Apart from the stories that David had to tell, walking the streets of Aurora, once again, was really really enjoyable. I too will be there next year and any year following!!!

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