blowing one’s horn?


Reading Stephen Somerveille’s weekly column in The Auroran makes me scratch my head.

He has now on two occasions suggested that council “blow its own horn”.

It is enough for one to take pause and return to the front page to check if you are indeed reading The Auroran and not a column from the mayor’s mouthpiece The Era Banner where Sean Pearce fills the same role of felating our mayor on a weekly basis.

First, in his Sept 1st column he bet that “there are some good initiatives that this council can and should be proud of”.
Of course he failed to suggest what those might be.

Then he went on to suggest that “they certainly need to do something to refocus our eyes and ears away from the petty and costly stuff that has been going on”.  I have to disagree.  Our Mayor and council are constantly engaged in extensive spin to this very end.  Instead, we the citizens should be aware of how wholly political, and utterly incompetent our council and mayor are so god forbid they get re-elected.

In Somerville’s most recent column he suggests that “some type of letter produced by the mayor and or council that is brief, factual, drafted without either malice or notes of sarcasm, would be a good start”.

I agree, however I am nowhere as naive as Mr. Somerville to believe that there is a chance in hell that our mayor or the majority of council could achieve such lofty goals.  They have yet to prove that they can act without malice or sarcasm, their facts are contorted with spin and never brief.  Let’s not forget that their code of conduct complaint was judged “ill-informed, incomplete and inappropriate.” and “wholly political”

Theodore M. Hesburgh once said  “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”

Aurora is sadly a town without vision, without leadership and is being conducted by someone who blows, with great uncertainty.

Stephen,  I will leave you with the following words of advise:

First off, please do not encourage the monkeys any further, watch them long enough and you see they blow pretty hard.

Secondly, the continued sports metaphors are crudely constructed and do not advance the message, drop them and focus on what little you have left over.

An lastly, as for yourself I’d suggest draining the spit valve before blowing your horn on any future matters of council.
Perhaps you would find the following audio book by Peggy Klaus a valuable listen:

“Brag! : The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It”


Download this file

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