read, aim, pumpkin!


Having enjoyed corn, raspberries, tomatoes and asparagus (the best we've had this year!) from Brooks Farms  at our local farmers market, we were intrigued when we heard that they were inviting everyone to bring their pumpkins out on Nov 1st for their annual pumpkin smash.

They have a pumpkin canon, in fact there are 3 including a Gatling gun!
It did not disappoint.

If you want to see them in action watch the video here:

Their entire setup is very impressive.  They have an enlarged Sand Box, Duck & pig Races, Bouncing Pony play Area, Train Rides, Aliens, Farm Animals, Zip Lines, Playhouse & in the summer Alien Slides and a Water Play area.

Also we learned that they plan to include Maple Syrup for the 2010 season starting in March.

Check out their website here:

Whoever does their marketing should get a medal.

You couldn't ask for a better experience for young kids and parents.


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