True Blood, Aurora


As a P.S.A, I wanted to let everyone know that there will be a blood drive held this Friday.

No surprise it is being held in honor of our mayor who has already held “The Mayor’s” corn roast, & “The Mayor’s” birthday celebration at this year’s Farmer’s market.  Add to these “The Mayor’s” prayer breakfast. I suppose Aurorans will all be treated to “The Mayor’s” sunset tonight.

What happened to the town of Aurora? It seems that the rampant egotism and self serving nature of our Mayor prevents our town from holding anything in honor of our town or possibly for one of our volunteer groups, or non-profits.  We all take a back seat to our wonderful mayor.

The office of the mayor is not to be treated as a 24/7 P.R. campaign for the person holding it.  Never before in its history has Aurora seen such narcissism, and abuse of power that comes with it.

Seeing the exorbitant amount of bloodshed in council this term, (turnover is staff, councilors resigning, personal attacks against councilors, organizations and citizens…. ) and that our mayor is still out for blood, looking very malnourished I may add, I predict that our “modest” tax increase next year will be taken in the currency our Mayor most enjoys, our blood!

“The mayor enjoys neither my trust nor my respect and that is entirely due to her conduct.”  Truer words could not be spoken.


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