Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) Negotiations


Michael Geist's Blog has a fantastic debate on the rapidly changing way in which copyright will shape our the future:

As one contributor put it:

"This treaty is a legal abomination. It is a bypass of our democratic process, and a slap in the face to everyone who participated in the recent copyright consultations."

And another:

"This isn't a copyright issue. More-so an angle in controlling the flow of information."

Given the recent struggle locally regarding transparency, openness and accountability here in Aurora I got to thinking about how this applies to politics and dissent and believe this contributer put it best:

"The only reason this would anything to do with national security is the fact that someone out there is posting information that the 'powers that be" do not want distributed. In other words, political dissent. Quote a politician making some asinine statement that is an obvious attempt to stomp on the rights of those who elected him…he claims your post/article/website is a copyright infringement.
Boom! There goes your site. No judge, no jury. Just an accusation.   What better way to quell distribution of unwanted information than by claiming everything not agreeing with your view is a copyright infringement. The financial and political motivation to do so is HUGE."

There are no shortage of topics, organizations and people involved in this debate.

I will be following this with keen interest, I hope you do as well.


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