Aurora’s Historic Downtown Core….. now at wholesale prices!


Is council's vision for revitalization of the Yonge and Wellington Corridor simply to replace Price Chopper with Liquidation World?

Sure seemed like it from reading the Mayor's Era Banner:

I guess there's no wonder why they are holding multiple open houses, their vision being so limited and all.

And to think all they had to do was follow their own Economic Development Strategy adopted in 2003, which reads:

"The historic downtown Core of Aurora presents a unique retail and commercial experience for businesses and merchants alike. Blending old and new, it is an area that can be enhanced through various marketing initiatives."

So which is it, either over the last 6 years none of the marketing initiatives have worked? or none have been tried?

The only marketing that seems to be working is targeted to us citizens to try to disguise the fact that the town is "engaged" and has a vision, never mind that they have failed to act on it.

Having the audacity of slapping a label on it like "The Aurora Promenade" is very premature.
I suppose next you're going to tell us this is this part of the grand "Renaissance" that Aurora is supposedly experiencing.

Expanding on the vision that has been in place since 2003, that council apparently has blinders on and could not see:

from pg 59  : H. Revitalization Initiatives – Historic Downtown Core

As municipalities change and communities grow away from their centers, their inheritance of architecture, cultural landscapes, and material culture tend to become neglected. Downtowns are filled with irreplaceable assets and resources, and local municipalities have an important role in helping revive and nurture the vitality of these areas

Aurora's existing downtown historic core can be viewed as both an asset and a potential concern for Aurora. It is an asset because it provides a unique setting in the community that can and is being utilized as a drawing card to attract shoppers to the community. However, over time, it has been somewhat neglected and not been given the coordinated attention it should by Town staff. As a result,
downtown revitalization should be a priority for the Town, and an improved effort should be made to maintain, grow and revitalize the core area. Town staff should investigate downtown/area specific revitalization initiatives/incentives, heritage programs, and new provincial legislation that allows municipalities to provide financial assistance to property owners to assist in building façade and street beautifications improvements. In turn, this will encourage new/redevelopment and/or new investment to the core area.

it continues on pg 96 : Revitalize the Town's Historic Downtown Commercial Core

A) Identify and promote programs and initiatives that assist owners in maintaining and restoring older buildings.

B) Identify absentee landlords and work to improve vacant properties and reestablish tenant opportunities.

C) Work with Town staff to ensure adequate parking within the core area to support commercial activity.

D) Review opportunities for the development, redevelopment, and conversion of properties, both vacant and existing, which will not dramatically change the character or distinct nature of this planning precinct and maintain a healthy business environment.

E) Consider 'theme' treatments through the use of appropriate architectural streetscaping and landscaping elements that would distinguish this area from others in the Town.

F) Examine the use of additional entrance features, signage to acknowledge the perimeter of the area and consider developing a separate section in the Town's Sign By-law for specific signage standards in the downtown commercial core.

G) Support the completion of the Town's Heritage Resource Area – Urban Design Guidelines and the proposed recommendations.

H) Determine the possibility of developing a tourism strategy.

These are all great components of a comprehensive vision…….oh wait, these are "action items" were laid out back in 2003, why are we just now at the public consultation phase?

What have you been doing for 6 years?

No matter how this is spun it is an epic fail!

Just like shopping at Liquidation World I feel I've been sold a bill of goods, and given our tax dollars over the last 4 years I guess we have.

I sure hope you saved your receipt so we can get a refund when we go to vote next November.

Watts on your mind?

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