signs of the times


Anyone notice the new street signs in Maple?

While driving along Major Mac between Keele & Jane St and at the intersections you can't help but notice larger black on white signs.
They are a vast improvement over the old outdated small white on green ones that are easily missed and lack the surface area to properly reflect headlights.

It seems that even though Vaughan's town council is dysfunctional they still get their work done.  In that respect perhaps we are comparing apples and oranges when complaining dysfunction between municipalities.  One thing is for certain they put Aurora to shame.

Aurora's Economic Development Strategy adopted in 2003 reads like a laundry list of items that this committee and council have failed to address.

It's a 100 page document that the majority of Aurora's citizens will not have read.

It is effectively the equivalent of a job description for our council.
If their is a vision, there is an expectation that it is to be followed.
I continue to reference it when issues come up in town so that the officials we have elected can be held accountable. 

from page 69:

"Community signage, which can be classified as interpretive, instructive, informative, and directional, also plays an important role in the Town, as a communications tool providing information to the community."

Signs, signs everywhere there's signs….except in Aurora.  What happened?

We are now approaching 2010, this committee has obviously chosen to disregard its own plan.

Thank you councilor Wendy Gaertner, councilor Evelina MacEachern, councilor Al Wilson and our beloved mayor for dropping the ball on this one.

This strategic plan even foreshadowed electronic signage and its importance:

"Although the Town currently has one electronic bulletin board, additional signs will enhance and promote the Town's willingness to improve communications with its residential and business communities."

The only new sign this bunch has been able to hang while on the job is "out to lunch".


Watts on your mind?

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