Aurora’s Mayor’s not smiling, she’s passing gas


Frank Schirrmacher coined the term "informavore" which characterizes an organism that consumes information. It is meant to be a description of human behavior in modern information society, in comparison to omnivore, as a description of humans consuming food.

This is taken from his article here:

Comparing information to food is nothing like comparing apples to oranges, it is a worthy discussion that brings with it several questions like eating disorders, elective eating and proper nutrition.

So what happens when we have too much information?  There's a great article exploring that here:

Is it like eating too much food?  One of my go-to blogs BoingBoing covered Frank Schirrmacher's article here:

"Information, at best, is a vibrant, fluid thing the creates a web of neural connections, increases understanding and wisdom, and is actively useful in the world.  But too much information, without the energy to build something with it, to make those critical connections, to pass it on to those who can actively use it, can begin to ferment.   It's like eating too much food, more than your system can digest in a certain period of time."

So why would some choose to eat more than their share of information?

"Information has been shown to have a neurological effect: reading something we agree with gives us a little dopamine burst, while reading something that doesn't square with what we hold true has the opposite effect. We like to feel like we are right, and so we naturally seek out information that confirms this.  Thus, people have a natural inclination to read more and more of what they agree with, and to ignore what they don't. Agreeable information literally becomes like a drug.  Pardoxically,collecting information becomes a form of mindless entertainment."

Sure sounds like the symptoms of what our Mayor and her collective suffer from.
Where perhaps we once thought our mayor was sick from too much power, perhaps it's from too much information, she's getting sick from what she eats.  If information is like a drug, then our mayor is seriously abusing.

"I think there's a real value in the "information diet." We should treat information the way we treat food. We are awash in valueless information, just as we are awash in nutritionless food. We should consume that which is nutritious, which makes healthy connections in our system, and that turns easily into energy that we can do something useful with. We should cut back on consuming that which only reaffirms what we already hold to be true."

Perhaps the town needs to hire someone,  Think part I.T. consultant and part Personal Trainer,  to educate our officials on making the proper information choices, preventing the obvious intoxicating aroma of spin from flooding our council chamber.

If the mayor chooses to not change than I suppose we will continue to be prisoners of the byproducts she belches up and farts all over our town.

Daniel J. Boorstin once said "Technology is so much fun but we can drown in our technology.  The fog of information can drive out knowledge"

It's no surprise that staff turnover is so high.



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