Quarterbacks or Kickbacks?


Damon Wayans once said “This town was built on nepotism.”
One has to wonder if he was talking about Hollywood or if he was peering into the future and speaking about Aurora 2009.

The last two honorees of Aurora’s “citizen of the year” are both staunch supporters of the current mayor.

Both Susan Walmer, citizen of the year 2008, and David Tomlinson, citizen of the year 2009, took out ads in the local paper voicing their support.  No surprise that both were involved in her campaigning and continue to dawn cheer-leading outfits in support of our mayor.

I’m sure both provide valuable service to the Environmental committee they both serve on, but is it remotely possible that these weren’t awarded on merit, but nepotism?

Nah, couldn’t be, our Mayor has way to much integrity for that.
But is sure is interesting that those that belong to the Mayor’s inner circle get appointed to positions and committees and get awarded contracts.

The Mayor sure has some blinders on when looking out into our great community, she can’t seem to see past her small circle of friends, and that is truly sad.

It is one thing to flaunt that you are on the side of transparency , but can the Mayor honestly be so blind to the optics on this?  Either this or she doesn’t care what we think.  I suppose we are supposed to accept this as another one of those convenient coincidences that follows our mayor around.

Regardless it should be interesting to see who is nominated for 2010.
One can only expect a do-gooder of Sher St. Kitts’ caliber, or any member of the “Dream Team” to round out the list.


One thought on “Quarterbacks or Kickbacks?

  1. Steven Somerville, if you are reading this, I know how much you like sports references so that headline was for you buddy……Defense! Defense!

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