silencing the whistle blowers


Aurora council recently voted to eliminate train whistles at all crossings in Aurora.

Excuse me?  Did I read that right.

So a bunch of whiny uptight sanctimonious people decided to make enough noise and raise this as an issue at council.

I'm confused, first council was supposed to blow it's horn, now they're appeasing yet another special interest group in silencing train horns.

Am I to understand that a couple train whistles is a great inconvenience to these people.  It sure didn't deter them at all from locating where they did.  When I lived in King City our property backed onto a ravine that led to the tracks. You could hear all the trains, commuter and freight.  They aren't disruptive, you adapt.

Does anyone really wonder why there are extensive Canadian Rail rules and regulations regarding train whistles?  It's to prevent horrific crashes and needless deaths like the one in the picture I included in this post.

Obtaining insurance would most likely mean sky high rates because you can just see the outrage when the first person is smucked by the train.

"why didn't they just sound their horns?"

"Well the thing about that is we didn't want to inconvenience anyone…."

I sure hope Transport Canada is smart enough to weigh safety higher than some whiny neighborhood request, regardless if it is backed by town council.

The fact that over $25,000 has been spent on this issue already is very sad.

My suggestion to all of them, it's a train whistle, let it blow.


4 thoughts on “silencing the whistle blowers

  1. Of course, if people paid attention to the big flashing lights, bells and those two arms that come down to block the road at the level crossings there would not be the worry of the horrific crash you have posted. Maybe the whistles are just redundant?

  2. In a world of distributed attention with ipods, cellphones, blackberries, people become very isolated.

    The whistle may be needed now more than ever!
    They serve a purpose….they save lives.
    This is a matter whereby namby pambyism is overriding safety and welfare.

    People need to stop their incessant whining and grow up.

    A train whistle is a small inconvenience to pay to live in this great town, in this great country earned by much larger sacrifices.

    God forbid they are removed and someone gets killed ….but then maybe that’s what it takes for people to think twice about being so selfish. Even then I have my doubts.

  3. “In a world of distributed attention with ipods, cellphones, blackberries, people become very isolated.”

    Bill 118 should have taken care of this? Of course I still see lots of Aurora soccer moms with the dreaded hand stuck to the ear while driving.
    Are they not the selfish ones putting others at risk while they are not paying attention to their surroundings while driving?

    I’m sorry, but if you can’t notice the flashing lights and those big white barriers across the road, maybe you shouldn’t be driving?

    At it is not just those who live close to the tracks. I hear the trains everyday and I’m not near any of the level crossings. I’m used to them, but are they really that effective?

  4. I think it has to be proven the other way round. If it can be proven that they are ineffective then by all means remove them.

    The bigger question before anyone who is suggesting they be removed is this: is it worth a human life? Of course not.

    The same group of people who are screaming about this now would be the same group of people asking where the safety measures were when something horrific happens.

    It’s a train horn, not an air raid siren. Be thankful of that and let it blow.

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