Town Council : Leave the War Memorial alone


Given that today is reserved for remembrance and there will be a lot of activity at the Cenotaph, I wanted to echo Norm Weller's concerns regarding the Aurora War Memorial that he voiced in The Auroran on October 20th.

Simply put, "Leave the War Memorial alone."

Morris and MacHeckron took the opportunity to respond to Weller's letter at council meeting on October 27th by posing with a beautiful picture from the Aurora's senior's center.  What transpired looked like it could have come from a bad taping of the shopping channel, I seriously thought they were going to advertise the painting for sale.

They offered assurances that nothing is being planed except for "improvements" or "enhancements"…….whatever that means.
Evilina's eyes peering over the picture creep me out, they certainly don't ensure any confidence in this matter.

If there is to be any work done to the Aurora Cenotaph I sure hope it is done in accordance with Vetrans Affairs and their Cenotaph/Monument Restoration Program :
and not decided on by our town council as they have yet to prove to us that they respect boundaries.

I have attached Norm's letter here:

Download this file

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