we stand on guard for thee


I was very happy to see that Veterans Affairs Canada had released a new pin this year to accompany the traditional poppy.

You can't help but wear this amazing pin with both a sense of pride and responsibility.
The included card outlined the significance of the symbols, all extolling service.

The gold maple leaf represents Canada.
The red poppy in the foreground represents those Canadians who served their country in times of war, military conflict and peace.
The red poppy in the background represents those who served in Canada and all who played a vital supporting role at home.

The intertwining of the three elements symbolizes the unity and strength that Canadians have developed as a result of sacrifice in times of war and peace.

If you would like to sport one visit your local legion, they look like this:


I don't think that everyone is aware of them yet and apparently they have several to offer in exchange for your donation.

Just because we all stop to remember the debt that cannot be repaid, doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

Freedom isn't free, and freedom of expression is one of the freedoms that we should all exercise without fear of persecution. 
There was a huge price paid for this freedom.  We all have a responsibility to use it to further prosper and secure our nation.

I was reminded this recently when I was told the commentary on my blog is "totally irreverent" and "disrespectful". 
Although I respectfully disagree with that opinion, no one could disagree with the sentiment that followed "which of course in this sweet land of liberty is your right to indulge unfettered."

Each in our own way, we are all soldiers of everything that is Canadian.
Regardless of our weapon of choice it is our job to serve and protect it every way we can.

Freedom can be stolen, it can be taken by force, it can be nickeled and dimed from us if we fail to pay proper attention.

We need to be ever vigilant, we need to be ever vocal and we need to stand up for our freedom and everything that is Canadian. 
For ourselves, and especially for those of thus that aren't able to stand with us.

Take time to Remember

Just don't forget to act

Watts on your mind?

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