“Aurora youth” caught breaking into cars


I noticed an article in the Era Banner back from October 9th ( http://www.yorkregion.com/article/97717 ) and wanted to thank the citizen mentioned in the article who decided to act.

I can appreciate how frustrated you must have felt as we’ve had our car gone through on two occasions when the doors were left unlocked. I’ve had ipods and electronic gadgets stolen, simply because I forgot to lock my car in my driveway.  How stupid of me.

I’ve also chased presumably the same suspect up our street after my girlfriend noticed him testing door handles in our neighbors’ driveways.

A neighbor up the street said that they too had taken up pursuit of someone doing the same thing.

It looks like petty thefts like this are on the rise here in Aurora

October 7th article: http://www.yorkregion.com/article/82323

May 7th article: http://www.yorkregion.com/article/91489

Perhaps York Region Police could set-up some sting operations like this:

York Region Police added a disclaimer to the article that said:

Although York Regional Police does not recommend you take a situation such as this into you own hands, the courageous and immediate actions of this person resulted in the arrest of the accused.

Like the citizen who took action, I encourage us all to act.

That includes the parents who have no idea where their spoiled bratty teenagers are at night.

Get involved in your kids life, teach them right from wrong and for god’s sake act so the police, or the rest of us citizens don’t have to.


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