Firetruck or not, Aurora takes a back seat with Phyllis at the wheel

It is of little surprise to find the Mayor emblazoned on the cover of the Era Banner week after week, nor is it a surprise to hear the mayor quoted in the same paper on the most trivial issues.

The Era Banner is transparently biased, as this Tuesday's edition proves featuring the mayor on the front page yet again.

This time a photo showing our Mayor holding a wreath in front of a firetruck while Gilennane Phillips from the Salvation Army almost falls out of the frame, most likely recoiling from the shear greatness that is our mayor.

Has electioneering started?  You bet!

It started the day after the last election, as evidenced by all the useless photo-ops and wasting of town's resources to showcase the empty vassal of a mayor and not the wonderful community that we all belong and contribute to.

For purposes of contrast the same story was covered on page 8 of this week's Auroran.
The photo actually shows participants in the Salvation Army Kettle Drive.

Whose coverage is more reflective of the cause and the people that should be recognized for their participation?

You decide.

Are we supposed to be impressed by firetrucks, photo-ops and a $5 dye-job:


or  Volunteers, student's, town staff & Neighbourhood Network for bringing it altogether:


I applaud Councilor Buck for commenting on this issue in her blog here:

Given that Tim Jones and Steve Hinder are affiliated with Neighbourhood Network I guess we know why the meat and potatoes of this cause were shunned in favor of a glossy photo-op by our Mayor.

Apparently we are all supposed to be awed by the celebrity that is our mayor.
It's all about "me me me me me me me", oh and sometimes you.

Hey Phyllis, keep mugging for the camera.  People can see right through you, you know…..and always will.


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