“What are we? Babies who need to be told what to do?”


Those were the words from Nick Papa in regards to his opinion on the necessity of hiring an Integrity Commissioner.  He is a councilor from Richmond Hill.

I'm sure Richmond Hill council has retained a level of decorum and civility.

However here in Aurora, for the majority of our council, this is the sad truth.
The group of 6 that is hell bent on bringing in an Integrity Commissioner for the sole purpose of ruling on their already discarded code of conduct complaint is proving to the rest of the town that such a watchdog is needed to govern themselves.

It is interesting that Meaford which is also having trouble dealing with it's dysfunction is at the level where Scott Woodhouse wrote recently :

"I think it might be time to call in Dr. Phil to deal with the deep-seated issues that are affecting our municipal council."

Aurora Council's issues are plentiful but I think we are way past Dr. Phil.

If we are going to seek any help we need to turn the dial down to Jerry Springer.

Or if her worship prefers she can always opt for the opera format:


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