“The Lone Granger” or “The Loan Arranger”?


According to councilor Buck, yesterday during a meeting regarding the town’s Operating Budget, councilor Granger moved to add $10,000 to the Farmers Market budget : http://evelynmbuck.blogspot.com/2009/11/market.html

Councillors Granger’s position:

“The vendors do not have time to manage the Market, Therefore the town should hire a manager”

First off, Is this decision Granger’s alone or did it come from the Farmer’s market executive?

What I would like to know is who sits on the executive? Are there minutes, and are they available for the public?

Secondly how was this figure decided?  $10,000 for a manager? 
Did the councilor create a job description for said position?

Does the councilor have someone in mind for this position, and if so who pray tell would that be?

Before determining that the town should fork over ANY money for such a position did councilor Granger think it may be wise to contact either Neighbourhood Network or the lesser known Information Aurora and see if there was a volunteer that might be available to take on such an appointment?

If Granger is tired and does not have time for the Farmers Market this is understandable, after all we can see all the heavy lifting he is involved in on council.  But then why the hell is he the liason to the Farmers Market? 

I suggest if this is his attitude that he resigns his position immediately.

As I have pointed out before, and several people have confirmed in their letters to the papers and blog entries that councilor Granger did not create, nor does he deserve credit for the success of the Aurora Farmers Market.  he most likely was given this post as it was a hands-off job.  And now he’s claiming the preasure is too much for him, how pathetic.

I am not as delusional as councilor Granger to believe that if he removed himself from the market that it would fall flat on its face, most likely the opposite would happen.  We may even see, dare I say it, a Renaissance.

The majority of the vendors that make up the Aurora Farmers Market are amazingly skilled people with tremendous business and marketing savvy, I know because I’ve talked with most of them, has Mr. Granger, other then to collect vendor fees and trying to force vendors to sell stupid market bags?

I think the town would like to know how much money the town spent on the market this last year, I’ve heard between $4k-$10 K and how much of that was used to promote the Jazz festival?

While we’re on the subject of accounting I’d also like to know how much money was raised for the Food Pantry through the Thriller dance, and why the money had to go through the Farmers market and not go directly the the Pantry?

Perhaps as the Lone Granger has demonstrated that he lacks the leadership skills he so strongly claimed in his polished letter to The Auroran, he has an opportunity to show true leadership here.  One sign of a good leader is knowing when to quit.

Now looks as good a time as any.

“ooooh yeaaaah!!”


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