strolling down Aurora’s Promenade


I was floored when I read Geoffrey Dawe's comments in this Sunday's edition of The Banner:

He was quoted as saying "having Liquidation World occupy the old Price Chopper is a start"

When I said in a previous post that Liquidation World heralded in a new Renaissance for Aurora's downtown core I was of course being facetious.

Mr. Dawe's vision gets worse: "multi-story residences" above storefronts?
Can anyone say condos?

Now I'm too scared to look any further at this study.

For the love of god people it's a historic main street.  How about peering back into the history books and breathing some of the magic and
charm of old Aurora into this stretch before we bring all the usual suspects from on Baview to set-up shop and then build slum apartments above them.

Mr. Dawe goes on to say "the town may be far ahead by doing things as simple as putting up some signs directing people to local parking lots."

The signage as it stands is grossly ineffective for those unfamiliar with our town.

Forget the absurd idea of a pedestrian mall, cars aren't going to use Industrial parkway as an alternative, this is Yonge St. 
I suggest that everyone look at what Richmond Hill has done, considering they've already had to deal with an expanded Viva service.

Additionally,  safe impromptu parking (as in not parking on Yonge St.) is non existent and needs to be found and afforded to drivers. 
Perhaps the town could be instrumental in purchasing some land for this purpose.

What we need in this study are basics.
Strip the parking on Yonge, subsidize the rent for some of the storefronts and attract interesting businesses to attract both citizens and tourists.

Failing to pursue several of the proposals put forth in the 2003 strategic plan this council has, and will continue to be ineffective in implementing a long term vision for downtown revitalization.

Although I expect an attempt will be made similar to the picture I posted as we get closer to elections to try and disguise the fact that the majority of council dropped the ball on this one.

I was very pleased to see Gabriel of Gabriel's cafe offer the public his point of view.

I'm sure it isn't easy running his cafe in the stretch of former businesses he's in, and I'm sure his skepticism is well founded.  I have yet to stop by his cafe but plan to do so in the coming weeks.


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