a little too Kean to be king?


It was hardly a surprise to read in this week’s Auroran that ex councilor Nigel Kean has thrown his hat into the ring for next year’s mayoral election. 

Just as I expect the sun to rise everyday I expected this immediately after the last election closed.  Nigel’s been making all the moves, writing to the papers and blogs and generally staying in the spotlight the best he can after splitting the vote last election.

I’m not afraid to say that I voted for Nigel in the last election.  Of the 3 candidates he looked like the man for the job, there was just no way he was going to win a popularity contest.

No disrespect to Tim Jones but his time had come and gone.  He did great things for the town of Aurora but these were being eclipsed by some bungles come the end of his stay.  The town was ripe for change and unfortunately it was hastily handed over to the plastic faced witch.

Now 3 years later, after showing her true colors and ridding our down of decorum, civility, the majority of town staff and even a councilor, the villagers are right pissed.

As we ready for the upcoming elections change isn’t a question, it is inevitable. 
It’s not “time for a change”, no it’s time to take out the trash and bury it.

Her Worship’s castle will be stormed and she will be overthrown, but the question on everyone’s minds is who is going to take up this charge?

As much as I like Nigel as a person I don’t see him as the man for the job.

This council has left much damage in its wake.  To say it’s a big job is a huge understatement.

There’s a slight chance that Nigel’s campaign platform will outline his vision and turn me around, I’m just not waiting with baited breath.

Nor will I jump up and down if Tim Jones were to make a resurrection.
Aurora deserves “better”, and like other Aurorans I am awaiting those among us to stand up and announce their candidacy. 

We need someone that can unite the town, someone who can propose fresh solutions for old problems and leave past grievances out of it.

There are amazing people in Aurora.  I’m just hoping that the intentions of both Nigel and our mayor been made, doesn’t convey the “same-old, same-old” attitude, or becomes hesitant in again splitting the vote.

As much as we need a mayor with integrity we also need councilors with integrity too.  I’d suport Nigel in that role.  From what I understand Nigel made a fine councilor.  We all saw what he did with the Farmers Market, and it looks like councilor Granger has said he is too tired for that role, I’d love to see it back in the hands of anyone who can sign their name without using crayon.

Should the right person for Mayor step forward councilor makes much more sense for Mr. Kean to reinsert himself into, although it’s downright laughable if Nigel’s thinks that MPP Frank Klees would give up his post to run for mayor.

It is the notice of intent for councilors that I will be watching more closely as we approach this next election.  Perhaps if we elected 8 councilors that possessed the integrity and independent thought of Mr. Keane we wouldn’t have to worry about our mayor and her throne. 

Phyllis could remain in “the chair” but would be a powerless and impotent queen with no sycophantic drones to do her bidding.

There’s a proverb that says “Whoso diggeth a pit shall fall therein.”

Yes, Karma’s a beautiful thing, and elections are where , like a jeweled crown, it shines the brightest.


2 thoughts on “a little too Kean to be king?

  1. Chris,
    Thank you for your photo. It is really great and gave me a good laugh to start my morning.
    Thank you also for voting for me last time. The reason that there was a comment in the Auroran regarding Tim Jones or Frank Klees was a statement that I made to Ron Wallace that if either one of them ran, and I felt that they had a better chance to defeat this mayor than I had, I would not split the vote again and I would run for council. To me, the best thing for Aurora is a mayor who understands how to correct what has happened during this term and not to let it happen again. Whether that is myself or not, is not the question. The question should be how can we turn Aurora around. I will do what I can to get elected but if I feel that there is someone better, with council and business experience then I would step aside and run for council.
    Personally, I believe that I can do that job and have stayed involved for that reason.
    At any time, I would love to sit with you or anyone else in Aurora to gather ideas on how to make Aurora better

  2. Nigel,

    Thanks for reading my blog.

    Your passion for this town is most admirable.

    I look forward to the opportunity of discussing our town’s Renaissance with you and others.

    If I can offer you a word of advise, start collecting your thoughts in one place, get your web presence up sooner than later, perhaps incorporate a blog in your campaign canon.

    FYI I noticed nigelkean.com & nigelkeanformayor.com are available, you should go and pick those up pronto.

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