“I’m gonna thrill ya tonight, oh darlin’ Thriller night, baby, ooh!…”


This week two video’s have surfaced of the “Thriller Dance”.  Anyone remember that “special event” that failed to be coordinated with the one that the rest of the world participated in to set a Guiness Book of World Record?

Yep, you can watch them here:

Though I’m not sure why anyone would want to keep a record of this, they’re just sad.

At a paltry 300 views there’s no need for anyone to rush out in panic and line up for a shot, there’s no chance of these going viral.

If our mayor so desperately wants to show her lighter side, and that she’s “with it” perhaps she should find an activity she’s actually half good at, and can convey a glimmer of passion while participating.
Like public speaking dancing obviously is not it.

The only question I have while watching these is , is our mayor natural this physically uncoordinated, or is she inebriated? 

I find it ironic that council recently decided to turn down a request to partner with the seniors center regarding a liquor license due to grounds of liability.  Given that we have to witness the antics of her worship both in and out of council there is a greater question of liability that needs addressing, no?

Let’s just count our blessings that no sex tapes have surfaced.


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