I’d like to raise a question of privilege


Q – When should privilege trump common sense?

A – Never

Both our mayor and councilor Gaertner overly concerned about their character being impugned seemed oblivious to the fact that they are the ones who continue to impugn themselves and bring attention to their own ineptitude in a public forum, most likely as an excuse to avoid doing their jobs which they seem highly unqualified to do.

The mayor took exception to Councilor Collins-Mrakas’ comments for the Era Banner:

“The mayor is not aware of or does not follow the procedures in a consistent, fair or appropriate fashion. It’s unequal”.

Although I thought this was a more accurate portrayal of our Mayor’s character , how dare anyone question her worship.

The mayor seemed very smug in the fact that a question of privilege “superseded” a point of order.  I almost thought I see her do a “boo-yah” and fist pump, followed by an icy stare to the left of the council table after Mr. Cooper conformed the procedure.

Hmm, perhaps another question: Superseded or “super-selfish”?

It was also very rich to see councilor Gaertner get in on the action, reading from her script :

“this is a council where respect of the process, privilege and one another is paramount to anything else and nobody should be able to impugn our character, our abilities and be disrespectful, and get away with that”

This after she herself has participated in a coalition to openly attack councilor Buck, in an ill-informed, incomplete, inappropriate and wholy political code of conduct complaint…oh and voted to fire the integrity commissioner so she could get away with it.

I agree with councilor McRoberts when he said “I’m surprised an apology requires a motion”.

If anything Ms. Gaertner should apologize to staff and the public at large for her constant lack of understanding.  Any apology short of resigning her seat doesn’t go far enough.

As per usual, the whiners seemed to win.  Both the Mayor had her items added to the agenda after much debate and Gaertner got her apology, less because it was deserved but more to pacify her in an attempt to get on with the business at hand.

It’s very sad when even airhead celebrities can rise above criticism but some of our elected officials cannot, and instead in loud whiny voices cry out that they are “offended”.

It is within every citizen’s right to expose the ineptitude of their elected officials.
Using privilege to to shield themselves by saying “I’m offended” shows in a very transparent fashion how lacking in self confidence and respect for democracy these two members of council are.

Dwight D. Eisenhower poignantly said:

“We are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels – men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine.  As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.”

Although I’m sure this quote is lost on the mayor’s inner circle of power, who in reference to American idealism seem to prefer the George W. Bush approach :

“You’re either with us or againt us”.

Oh if only our world was as black and white as our mayor sees it.

Dissent and disrespect are different, painting them with the same brush is too convenient, something we may expect from a petulant child, but not an elected official.

Although I can understand how this concept may escape both the mayor and councilor Gaertner they should be told at every opportunity to grow up, not because I envision them taking the advise to heart but because they should be afforded that privilege.

Whether your mother wears army boots or not shouldn’t be up for debate at a council meeting, nor should such remark cut you to the bone. 

What your town expects from you is to agree to disagree, leave these petty items at the door and get on with the town’s business. 

Unfortunately this last council meting only further proves that privilege trumps order in the council chambers.

That order will be restored come next election when we make sure to remove these jokers from the deck.


2 thoughts on “I’d like to raise a question of privilege

  1. I enjoyed the response that Councillor Buck gave. Showed great tact.

    I think in the past (I think it was a previous council) when one Councillor was asked to apologize for calling another an Idiot. They replied “I’m sorry you’re an idiot”

    I may have my facts wrong. But when Buck looked down at her watch and saw that it was only 7:52pm. Did she really want to leave then? I Don’t think so.

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