Steadfast and Stupid


People make mistakes, to say that you are the exception makes you pretentious.
To cover up any mistakes and vehemently claim no wrong doing, or produce massive amounts of spin to hopefully make those mistakes go away make you look incredibly foolish. 

Information travels at the speed of light, good luck catching it and trying to put it back in the bottle.
The more you struggle to control something that is out of your control the more you fall victim to a P.R. nightmare of your own creation.

The latest media circus around Tiger Wood’s refusal to come clean about his so called “accident” ( ) is
a higher profile example of someone who, like our mayor, doesn’t understand anything about public relations.

Admitting mistakes early, showing that you can learn from them goes a long way to showing strength and character.
David Letterman handled his recent debacle with honesty, it is a complete contrast to Tiger.

I expected more from Tiger, he has done very well projecting his image, he is young and will no doubt learn from his mistakes and emerge from this a more humbled person.

Our mayor however has no excuses.
The more vindictive she becomes, the less respect she will have.
The more she struggles for control the less she will have.

Samuel Johnson once said “He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts.”

Fruitless efforts indeed….unless you’re counting sour grapes.


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