come for the tree lighting, stay for the politics


I went to the tree lighting ceremony last night with the family and was disgusted to see our mayor use the opportunity which was supposed to be reserved for lighting the town tree, to manipulate a captive audience by diverting everyone’s attention to the dedication of yet another plaque for the Price of Wales prize awarded back in 2008.

Everyone who was waiting for the tree had to wait around for 15 minutes while it started to rain while the mayor gave a little speech.  The mayor and her gang sure love to milk that award, which is hilarious given that it recognizes the efforts of previous councils more than it does the current lot.  Couldn’t help notice Councilor Granger all dressed up in a Santa hat mugging for photos alongside Evilina and Geartner.

I noticed it got cut out of the video here:  no doubt because it had nothing to do with the event, and rightly so.

Talk about turning a holiday celebration into a wholly political event.

Any other time would have been appropriate, holding everyone hostage while they waited for the traditional Christmas tree lighting was not.

The looks on peoples faces were priceless, needless to say they were not impressed.


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