“of course I’m a people person…you idiot!”


The Mayor’s executive assistant, Robyn Smart is apparently off on stress leave.

Who could blame her.  There must be only a few worse jobs on the planet then hers.
I’m sure taking her leave in Afghanistan would seem like a pleasure cruise from the insanity she has to deal with on a daily basis.

Perhaps when (or if) Robyn returns she could contribute to a study being conducted at the University of Guelph (http://www.uoguelph.ca/cfww/stress/ ) although I’m sure they couldn’t even conceive of such a polluted work environment.

Phyllis has proven that she is incapable of even the most basic of consulting tasks let alone management.

The only role model our mayor can claim to be is a bully.  Leadership is so far from her reach it is laughable.

The mayor claimed to have “HR experience”.  From where exactly?  Some medieval dungeon?

Phyllis needs to take the advise from StrategA, a UK outfit whose website reads:

“get a grip on stress before stress gets a grip on your staff and impacts their productivity and your profits”

Turnover is not inline with other years it is outlandishly high.  Staff are not content, and the stress placed on town staff by Phyllis is costing us money.  Tax money.

I think Aurorans require a stress leave and come next election we should get one from this power crazed mayor.


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