A Farmers Market at Christmas, only in Newmarket


All of my questions from my previous post regarding the Aurora Farmers Market remain unanswered. 

Interested to know more I took to Google and a quick search provided the following communications from General Comittee back in April:


It lists Permit Revenue for 2008 as $2,175, and a projected revenue for 2009 as $2,400.  As the 2009 year has come to a close, I wonder what the actual # was.

If The Farmers Market is a private venture and if it is collecting revenue from permits as well as financing from the town, how are they not being held accountable for how they spend said $?

Google also provided a letter requesting support from the town for the 2009 year:


Mike Howard , of Howard Farms, chairs the Aurora Farmers’ Market Executive Committee.

I saw Mike and the rest of the Howard Farms clan yesterday while attending the Newmarket Farmers Market Christmas Bazaar.

That’s right the Newmarket Farmers Market holds a Christmas Bazaar.

What a fantastic event.  Crafts and baking, produce and meats, all available in the weeks leading up to Christmas. 

I didn’t bother to ask Mike about any of the recent craziness that Mr Granger has caught himself up in, because there are times for politics and this was not one of them.

Having stocked up on a whole chicken and both nitrate free bacon and English style bacon our family ventured back outside and were able to enjoy a horse drawn wagon ride around old main street in Newmarket.  It was fantastic.

I understand now that Mr. Granger’s request came before the executive committee meeting was held, so one has to wonder how he could have been asking for this on their behalf. 

What I wanted to as Mike, or any member of the executive is:

If they approved of Mr. Granger’s request to council for $10,000, or if they even needed such a position?

How much money from the town was spent on the Farmers Market last year? and what was it spent on?

A majority of such monies sure as hell better not have been spent to promote a “Jazz” Festival which was produced by St.Kitts music as that is a private venture and presents a huge conflict of interest given Sher’s position as a “special events coordinator”.

It sure was nice to gain access to these market vendors after the market closed over a month ago and I wondered why the Aurora Farmers Market couldn’t coordinate such a special event, but then remembered who was the “special events coordinator” and that answers everything.

Newmarket’s community center was brimming with community, smiles and great products.
Instead Aurora gets treated to Karaoke at tax payers expense?

Renaissance, my horse’s ass!

I’m sure where Sher is concearned, successfully using the toilet constitutes a “special event”


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