What is wrong with Aurora Youth?


It looks like vandalism is on the rise in North West Aurora, but don't expect it to be covered by any local news outfit.
After all Aurora is squeaky clean and nothing bad ever happens here, don't you know.

Stopping to pickup my mail from our super mailbox today I noticed that one of the cable boxes had been torn clear off and the cables had been disconnected.  It was not an isolated case.  As I drove around our neighborhood several attempts at other cable boxes had been made.  There look to be a mix of both newer more vandal-proof boxes and older ones which were the ones that got targeted.  Several of these boxes look like they were previously fixed, several were taped, others zip-tied.

A couple months back in late summer when I was driving home through Aurora Heights I witnessed a kid with a skateboard hammering away at a cable box.  Attempting to discourage him I threw on my highbeems and drove towards him, he scattered into the small plaza on the south side close to Bathurst.  As I drove along Aurora Heights I witnessed several cable boxes that had been damaged and could only shake my head.

And then a month or so I had to go and reclaim an item that was removed from my backyard by a group of punk kids and hauled up to the neighborhood park.  Luckily its size prevented it from being taken a greater distance, but unfortunately it was damaged.

And when CAA came to boost my car battery this morning, the serviceman informed me that neighbors two blocks over had been worried that their gas tank may have been siphoned and installed a locking gas cap which was bent due to vandalism and required the service call.

I found this particularly interesting as twice I have noticed my gas flap open when I'm sure that it was shut.

I am taking extra measures to ensure my car stays in the garage as apparently driveways in North West Aurora are not safe.

This wasn't a problem when I moved to town, so the question that begs to be asked is WTF?

There is obviously a major failure of both parents with spoiled children running around our town which is in no way being addressed by our town council who would prefer to turn their backs on incidents like these, or the recent rash of break ins.

I thought I found a great neighborhood in a nice town to raise my family, but recently I'm finding myself questioning both property and personal safety and wondering if I'm living in a demilitarized zone.  My tax bill says that I'm not, but I'm not so sure.

Where are the parents? Where are our youth programs?  and where are our support programs? 

Wiping these incidents under the rug doesn't help anyone.

Aurora deserves to get to root of the problem.

Aurora deserves better.


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