Recycle This !


This Thursday's Banner had an article titled "Region vote to use compostable bags"

The article declares the constant tinkering to the green bin program as "baby steps".

The Banner has had 3 other articles recently about the same issue, and not all of the response has been favorable:

"Banning diapers not a good idea" –

"Compostable bags too big" –

"Plastic bags soon banned from green bins" –

I've had it with the constant fussing to our recycling program, and it looks like I'm not alone.
No wonder "The region expects some people will drop out of the program".  I seriously doubt that people will see this issue in anyway similar to the plastic vs. paper issue for yard waste.

I'm not against recycling, in fact I'm a very big proponent for reusing and recycling a great percentage of materials that go through our house, but I am against the constant rules and changes to the system.

Stop trying to maximize the system, you have passed the tipping point!

Items get re-used several times before they ever end up out in the garage to be placed in one of the three bins.  It's amazing how much packaging can be re-used, although with the increase of blister packaging this may not be the case much longer.

I'm proud of the fact that our family purchases very few items new.  By using resources like Freecycle,   and Craigslist to augment our needs we divert a lot of items from the landfill. 

Economic savings aside this level of re-use counters rampant consumerism that contributes to offsetting more carbon output than cleaning up the materials post-use.

In fact I have nothing bad to say about the Blue-Bin program, so for the love of god, please don't mess with it.

Okay I have one issue: the fact that they only provide one bin to the house.  We're a family of 3 (soon to be 4) and we can fill 2 bins each week.  Some weeks there are spillover to a 3rd smaller bin.  And these bins have been sorted and compressed.  We recycle to the max.

Now that garbage has been shifted to alternate weeks we  produce a minimum of 2 cans of garbage.  Could we produce less, probably not. Garbage is a big component of output and I don't see it being reduced regardless of any programs or incentives thrown our way.

Through diverting items from the landfill as previously mentioned others are displaced.  We're a new family starting out, several items are hand me downs that are replaced, updated and when things have reached end-of-life and can be broken down no further then they go in the trash.

And this takes us to the almighty green bin, which is referred to in our house as Diaper Genie #2.
The ONLY item that we place in the Green Bin are diapers.  Partially because the bin again is not big enough to accommodate anything else.

If it did would I include all the other materials that could be collected? 


In the summer when it is easier we may concede to use a backyard composter, but we produce little green waste and refuse to collect it under our sink to decompose in a smelly coffin, especially if we are supposed to use only special bags. 

No doubt that "staff acknowledges a challenge given the cost of compostable bags is about 3 X that of typical bags"

That's right 300% …….recession anyone?

Talk about needlessly frustrating users, forcing them to use special bags at a significant cost increase, that they have to pay for twice.  Once upon the time of each purchase, and most likely an increase cost of implementing this program which will come about in a hike of takes.

I don't need to be "educated" or "lectured" on why or how to use my green bin, and I'm not thrilled that over $700K is planned to be spent for this purpose.

This does nothing to encourage use of the green bin program, in fact it does the opposite.

To top it of Ms Marsh has the nerve to say this increase cost "is your donation to the environment".  Get down from your sanctimonious pulpit Ms Marsh.

If diapers will be accepted in the green bin and they are captured in plastic bags why is this acceptable but kitchen waste not? 

If diapers are supposed to be placed in some "special" plastic to be used in the green bin then I suggest everyone divert their crap filled diapers from the green bin and send them to Ms Marsh's residence directly.  I'm sure she will welcome them so she can run her turd-powered diesel Smart Car:

I only have one question after all this, and it is not too unlike the age old one "how does one throw out a garbage can?" 

What I want to know is : can I recycle my green bin?


Watts on your mind?

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