The lack of transparency in Aurora just increased, can you see it?


Up until this week I viewed this to be a very one sided issue with council being the ones that are refusing accountability for their actions.  However we have turned a dark corner and a vast polarization seems to be occurring.   There is an “us” vs. “them” mentality with very little middle ground.

We all know that the “Coalition for a Better Aurora” remains anonymous, but given that they have received significant outcry for their anonymity this tactic backfired significantly.  Lacking the balls to disclose who they are buried their efforts.  Given that they have been inactive for sometime, perhaps we have seen the last of them, I sure hope so.

The lesson learned here is that you can’t cry out a need for Transparency and Accountability while hiding behind a mask of anonymity.  To do so is hypocritical and destroys any integrity you may claim to posses.

I wrote in a previous post :  on the subject of anonymity in politics, and emphasized how remaining anonymous hurts the credibility and any effectiveness anyone, or any coalition hopes to hold for real change.

I understand why grassroots of a movement may begin anonymous, but there comes a point where you need to stand up and be counted, or expect people to tell you to sit down and shut up.

I have never been enthusiastic about the Aurora Citizen Blog standing firm about their anonymity. 

Still refusing to disclose their identities they are conveniently being lumped in the same group as the “coalition for a better aurora” , and rightly so.  They are jeopardizing their credibility and for what?

I refuse to see how can they rationalize remaining anonymous as an excuse for not driving a specific political agenda? 

With the recent expansion into non political subjects like “Restaurants” I think this blog has the power to represent more facets of the town than just the political.

If the fear is that council will attack individuals associated with the blog so be it. 
Stop proliferating the paranoia and realize that fear. 

I agree with the moderator that the focus is on the debate, not the individuals.  If the GOS makes this argument it only shows their increasing pettiness.  Please, give your readers, and the rest of Aurora more credit.

One has to wonder what exactly the Aurora Citizen believes is being kept secret about their identities?  Those that run the “Aurora Citizen” continue the charade of “perceived” transparency

It has long been speculated that ex councilor “Bill Hogg” is the moderator of the Aurora Citizen Blog.

Hell, if even Councilor Evilina MacHeckron knows your identity, and she knows absolutely nothing, and she has outed you at a publicly televised council meeting, what use is there in hiding?

To borrow a phrase from our mayor:    “We can see right through you, you know.”  So stop hiding and embrace who you are.

This week they posted a “Help Wanted” sign:

I seriously question who would approach an organization that continues to hide their identities to such a level….but whatever.

Coincidentally I received an anonymous email from the moderator of the Aurora Citizen that read:

“I’d like to arrange a telephone chat if you are interested. Let me know.”

Aurora Citizen

So let me get this straight, you are soliciting my help, advise and/or input, but you can’t even extend me the courtesy of knowing who you are?

I refuse to be involved or align myself with conspiracy theorists or secret societies, which as far as I’m concerned the “Aurora Citizen Blog has been relegated to.

I had to laugh at the moderator’s response:  “By the way, if you had simply answered the phone you would know who was calling.”

What pompous bullshit.  You’re approaching me, if you expect me to either call you or give you my phone # the least you could do is use your real name. 

Anyone who know me knows I’ll join an anonymous coalition as soon as “pigs” fly.

Until then I will continue to contribute to the Aurora Citizen blog.  I use a pseudonym because I like it, not that it provides a perceived camouflage of my identity as one poster pointed out.

Integrity seems to have fallen through the large political crack that divides our town.

Lets hope some “real” people step forward soon.

If my recent poll placing 3/4 of the vote for a fictional TV character is any indication voter apathy remains at an all time high.

Aurora Deserves Better

“Vote Quimby!”


2 thoughts on “The lack of transparency in Aurora just increased, can you see it?

  1. Blah, blah, blah who cares? You ask for comments but don’t really welcome them, are you opposed to different points of view?

  2. Well for starters you care, you took time to comment on a post that I made, over a year ago.

    Blah, blah, blah seems a little reductionist and does nothing to address or alter my opinion.

    If you have something to say by all means share it, all I ask is that you plug in and turn on your brain before you start smashing your keyboard with your forehead.

    If you bothered to read my posts you will see that I form my opinions based on several points of view. I take the time to includes sources, links and quotes for all.

    I’m sorry if I haven’t included or addressed your point of view, but I really can’t discern what it is from such a masterfully created response like the one you have left here.

    I welcome comments on all facets of this blog, here, through twitter, facebook and beyond. I also moderate them and there are some that are not applicable and some that are downright offensive so they are not approved.

    Perhaps if you operated and moderated comments on your own site you would do it differently, or not.

    Either way it seems pretty moot as I doubt you’d have anyone reading a site filled with such breathtaking prose like “Blah, blah, blah who cares?”.

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