Good ole Vic’s


Everyone in York Region knows where to go when you need to get your skates sharpened.

Vic’s is an institution.

I’m too young to remember but I’m sure if I asked my parents my first skates were probably sharpened at Vic’s, just like every pair thereafter.

Which is why it felt freaky to take my daughters skates in just before Christmas to get them sharpened for the first time.

I went about 2 days before Christmas and I was happy to see how busy it was.

I was more than happy to wait while two families got fitted for skates.  They got the best customer service I have ever seen.

It takes time, and I was happy to see that for as busy as they were the staff wasn’t going to rush their job.  The skates had to fit, they had to be comfortable no matter what.

A couple people huffed and puffed and left seemingly put out about how long they had to wait.

Not I.  I respect great service, and am willing to wait in a line wrapping outside and down the street if that’s what it takes.

I guess I was more than happy to step back in time, and it was somewhat a relief given the hustle and bustle we get ourselves in over the holidays.  I was also happy to be in a small business that is the best at what they do because of the staff. 

Vic’s isn’t about gimmicks, it’s not about selling you crap you don’t need.  It’s about getting you the best boot/skate fitted so you have the best experience on the ice, and off.

I was just as happy to have my skates, as I was to spend some time in a great store, as I was today when my daughter got to put her skates on for the first time and take those brave first steps onto the ice.

With another one on the way in February, I expect to be making the journey back to Vic’s several times.  I sure as hell hope that when I do that the door will have the open sign in the window and not replaced with yet another useless Starbucks.


One thought on “Good ole Vic’s

  1. I too would like to comment on Vic. What an amazing man he is.He has always cared so much for the children who came into his store. My two daughters, now 20 and 22 have always got their skates at Vics. They always want to go back each year. He fits the skates like no one else can do. He also has alwyas dome the Well’s Street Halloween walk by and this year I saw him with the salvation Army Kettle at Canadian Tire many days.
    He is an inspiration to many.

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