2010 forecast for Aurora F.O.I. requests : blackout conditions


The Aurora Citizen has added a list of recent F.O.I. requests.  You can read them here:

I'm not sure I agree with the Aurora Citizen collaborating with the "Coalition for A Better Aurora".
Seeking Transparency by remaining anonymous is very hypocritical and i find myself wholeheartedly agreeing with a poster who wrote that the results of these FOI requets could be

"…..too easily dismissed as anti-Morris rantings not based on facts.
Let’s hope some other “member” of the coalition presents the FOI results with less rhetoric (and some much needed editing) and perhaps they’ll gain some members for their coaltion."

Lets also hope that both the Aurora Citizen and the "Coalition for A Better Aurora" come out of the closet, so that all of the hard work of getting this information is properly presented and not dismissed.

Regardless the requests are very interesting.

I especially like #2, the $ for if this amount were ever to make the light of day it would most likely be huge.  Phyllis has used her position for ongoing campaigning and self promotion like no other mayor that has come before.  Every community event or award has her clamoring for a photo-op and later circulating a press release that focuses on "the mayor" and not the town, yet we are left with the bill.

I hope I am wrong but I expect the responses to these requests to be very thin, and gone over multiple times to remove any incriminating evidence, much black ink will be used. 

If this list of FOI requests is also a suggestion list then I would like to add one:

All records, emails, and any other documents pertaining to funds raised for ANY charity through the Aurora Farmers Market.

It is my understanding that explicit instructions were made for donations "in the form of cheques payable to the Aurora Farmers Market".

The red flag here is why exactly is money being asked to be paid to the Aurora Farmers Market at all?  This ads a whole layer of needless management, and most likely diverts a % of the monies donated to the Pantry to the Farmers Market.

Why should donations not be made directly to the Food Pantry?

No accounting records have been forthcoming from Sher or the Farmers Market executive, or council making this too suspicious not to be pursued.

As we have witnessed previously with Sher when called on to explain basic accounting, she starts crying defamation and responds with melodrama to make a smokescreen, I expect nothing less with these further questions.

Samuel Johnson once said "Fraud and falsehood only dread examination.  Truth invites it"

Makes you wonder if he ever visited Snowball.


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