Aurora Council’s Minority Report : Independent Thinkers


Often left out of the discussion regarding the Gang of 6 are the 3 councilors in the minority that take the high road and inject rationality and integrity into the intellectual void.

History has always shown that independent thought is praised over disingenuous power grubbing fools that assemble at the pulpit of ignorance for the purpose of stoning others that do not agree with them.

Walter Winchell once said : "Remember that nobody will ever get ahead of you as long as he's kicking you in the seat of the pants."  
If anyone would know he would.

The minority of independent thinkers need to be recognized for the important stance they take at council, especially as they enter the last year of their term where politics get kicked up a notch.

When votes are 6-3, or 7-2 councilors Buck, McRoberts and Collins-McRackes stand strong against the GOS.

Some votes come in 8-1, where Buck is the only councilor who puts her foot down on the side of process and order. Buck is often laughed at, scorned, put down and abused by the GOS.  Made out to look like someone obstructing process and order when the exact opposite is the case.  A code of conduct complaint against councilor Buck only reinforces this.  One wonders why code of conduct complaints against the GOS for outright bullying don't see the light of day.

When councilor Buck objects to a motion or asks for clarity, citizens stand up and take notice, unfortunately the GOS are quick to dismiss their colleague.
Evelyn Buck has been the mayor, she has served multiple terms on council.  She has likely forgot more about municipal politics than the GOS combined will ever learn in their lifetime. 

She is a valuable resource and should be treated with the respect she deserves, but as that goes without saying she should be listened to because she was elected on behalf of the citizens. 

Deputy Mayor McRoberts is an equally valuable resource.  Someone who is very active in the community that he has great roots in, and someone if they were so incline to run would make a great Mayor for this town.

Ignoring these 3 councilors is effectively ignoring the citizens of Aurora.  It is reprehensible, shows a complete lack of integrity and will not stand.

History has shown to be self correcting in this area, and we the public can and will carry this out this October.

As the GOS gears up their campaigning and you get that knock at your door soliciting (begging) for your vote.  Let them know that independent thinking may be a minority in council, but it isn't in Aurora.

Then as you close your door you can leave them with these parting words to think about:

"I'm disinclined to acquiesce to your request….Means no"


Watts on your mind?

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