TV Series review : 2009 Town Council

For Christmas I received the complete season of Aurora Town Council on DVD.

If anyone is interested in getting a copy they can try Amazon here:


What is abundantly transparent when watching any council meeting is the lack of common decency by our Mayor, Councilor MacHeckron and the rest of the G.O.S.  They are all pompous, arrogant and condescending.

I sure hope that they proceed with resurrecting an Integrity commissioner as a code of conduct complaint needs to be leveled on every one in the G.O.S.

I think my favorite quote, from my favorite episode would be the April 14th 2009 meeting @ 2:17:59 when Phyllis launched into some self-righteous, self congratulatory diatribe:

"We have done a splendid job of doing the towns business, however as with any debate it can get personalized as we see wether its a matter of freedom of speech at this table or freedom of writing expression elsewhere.
Some members of this council have been criticized  many many times…..give some consideration to how things are written and supported elsewhere outside these council chambers."

She goes on to state:

"It isn'at all just what happens in front of the camera.  Things happen outside these chambers, that happen also."

Wow, what profound words madame mayor.

They sure do.

To borrow a review from Ian Birch that he gave to the movie Xanadu, I have to say that watching a council meeting from 2009 is "an experience so vacuous it's almost frightening".

Can't wait to explore the DVD extras.


2 thoughts on “TV Series review : 2009 Town Council

  1. This may be your best satirical graphic yet.

    Truly inspired.

    Quick question for you Christopher – do you ever get ANY feedback – positive or negative – about what you post? Heck, for that matter, does anybody other than me say anything?

  2. Brent, I’m so glad that you enjoy my posts.

    I’m not going anywhere so you can be assured that there will be more doses of Temporary Sanity through 2010.

    In regards to your question there has been the odd feedback in the way of comments peppered throughout my postings, but not a lot of discussion.

    I get the most feedback through face-to-face, not electronic, but I’m glad to get it, so again thanks.

    In fact all of the reactions to my blog have been positive with the exception of course of Al Wilson and Sher St. Kitts, but no one really cares what they think anyways.

    The interactive polls seem to engage people and have gotten a lot of use, I’m currently looking to expand on this.

    Google Analytics is very telling as to how many unique and repeat viewers hit my site, their frequency and even their origin. Yes I know who reads my site, right down to their I.P. address.

    I’m amazed at the overall response I’m getting, but as I’ve said it before I’d do it the same way if I only had a handful of viewers.

    The chorus of disenchanted citizens is growing and I’m more then happy to add my voice as well.

    Some people play wii, others crochet, I do this.



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