I wasn’t sure initially why the mayor was rambling on about failings of communication in her letter to the Auroran and how she conveniently explained these feelings due to “structure”.

It didn’t make any sense until I read this article in The Mayora Banner here:

Where CAO Garbe outlines that the town will be securing a “Manager of Corporate Communications”, the job description is posted to the town’s website here:

Mr Garbe gives the following grade-3 level explanation
“I think we want to communicate effectively so that there are less opportunities out there for misunderstandings”.

I don’t think you could be more redundant in an explanation, or use so many words to say so little.

How is this supposed to work exactly, the message stays the same but the volume gets louder?

The way I see it the “Ministry of Spin” gets another chess piece.  The Mayor who continually wants to distance herself from her own negative actions will conveniently hire a staff member (or 3) to deal with “communications” and then of course defend any critiques of her administration as targeting staff.

Trying to stay on track of the stupidity seems like a full time job, so it only stands to reason that rationalizing the propagation of it takes 3.

“With a salary likely between $75,000 and $90,000” I’m almost interested in applying for the job, or the job of special events marketing, or even the “web person”.

The last one is very interesting considering the town hired a “Web Services Specialist” back in May 2009 and their web presence hasn’t progressed at all.
So what is this new position for? So the town can get on “facebook” and “twitter”.
Why don’t they contact volunteers, some high-school students or even our Seniors center.

The only one who isn’t doing this is our town….oh wait, also the Aurora Chamber of Commerce, who must conduct business using carved slabs of stone.

This town is so behind the times it is scary.

It’s 2010 people!

Note to the Mayor and Mr. Garbe: if you want your citizens to be engaged, then “Check your Head”.

oh, and anyone now in the mood for some BeastieBoys check out an entire album they have released for free:


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