a swing and a miss


Mr. Granger,

Your letter in the latest Era Banner ( http://www.yorkregion.com/article/101538 ) is predictable and an obvious wholly political pre-campaign shout-out, the message of which obviously escapes you and your Gang of 6.

It is incredibly hypocritical for you to denounce throwing mud come election time when this has been your modus operandi all term. 

You can’t possibly expect to throw dirt everywhere and not have some land on yourself.

I have looked at the council record, you have not dispelled sensationalism, in fact you instigate it, pour copious amounts of gasoline on it and revel in all of the chaos that ensues.

George Bernard Shaw said:
“An election is a moral horror, as bad as a battle except for the blood; a mud bath for every soul concerned in it.”

Given that you are not a well read man let me paraphrase: “when” you chose to declare that you will seek re-election you will be taking a mud bath.

Lets break down the “accomplishments” you wish to take credit for.

1. – Low property tax rates. 

By depleting the towns reserves with low tax rates in a blatant attempt to win votes.  Conversely this year we are seeing a 2.8% increase in property taxes to cover aggressive spending on lawyers that you using to fight personal battles.  This is hardly keeping property taxes low and is bankrupting this town.

2. – A shorter pending projects list.

Doing projects faster, doesn’t necessarily mean better.  Anyone with a professional business background would tell you this.

Doing things over costs lots of money, and sadly it’s only a matter of time before we start realizing what the cost of the last 3 years of council will be.

3. – $100 million of development…

….taking place on the last of the town’s greenspace.  So how is it that in the same breath council can claim they are environmental stewards?

I noticed you chose to leave out terrorizing little girls at the Aurora Farmer’s Market.
You also chose to leave out begging for money to pay someone to do that job that you were appointed to do at the Farmers market, and how you felt that you no longer had the time for this job.

I agree it is important to stick to the facts, of which you have failed to provide any of.

Fact – this council is dysfunctional.

Fact – (in your words) Dysfunctional mean’s you’re inept and not getting things done

Fact – the only ones claiming otherwise are on council

Fact – the town is not accomplishing many things, read the 2006 strategic plan

Fact – you are far from doing it well, your grade is “F” (that means fail)

As for the rest of us, if Mr. Granger’s rhetoric is any indication of what we’re in for,  the dirt or mud seems to be the least of our wories as the primates that make up the group of 6 start winding up.


Watts on your mind?

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